For those who have not heard We are going to be parents again! To an awesome 4 year old little girl living on the other side of the world. This weekend Grant reworked a closet which now has a side for 6 year old and a 4 year old! Now I can see what clothes we need to buy :) Next up the beds! This is starting to get real!!! :)

Mom of a Boy

I love my boys :)  One of my favorite things about both of them is their love of dump trucks.  I'm not sure why they love them but if it is choice of running or running while pushing a dump truck they will pick the dump truck every time.  They often go at full speed and I know that when they crash it won't be pretty.   So far we've been lucky.

So I can't leave this post without mentioning this purple field of flowers.  This ain't Texas!  We don't have bluebonnet fields lining all the highways.  Which I miss from my time there.  What we do have is clover.  Let's be real it is a weed.  Not really desirable....expect in the spring by a photographer ;)  This morning was overcast and we are expecting a big thunderstorm this afternoon so who knows if it will last.  But I want to photograph this field again with LIGHT.  It is fun to play and capture my baby boy at the same time :)

God's Provision for Caroline

We have been so blessed this past week with the awesome garage sale with items donated by friends and family and the match given by Karis fund with LifeSong for Orphans.  We also found out this week that we received a grant from Show Hope!!!!  :)  Did the math this morning and it looks like we just have $4000 left to raise! :)  God is providing for Caroline in amazing ways!  We are just humbled by the generosity that has been poured out to give her a family.  The money to be raised was overwhelming when we filled out the adoption application and to think less 7 months later we are so close to having all of the funds raised is amazing! God's girl, God's timing, God's money.  Adoption is God's idea and he is making it happen :)

Thank you to all who have given and shared about our adoption story.  I also did the math on when we could possibly bring Caroline home and it could be late July or August if approvals come quickly.  Please pray that China sends our Letter of Approval soon so we can start loving on our girl.  (P.s. we can show her picture online once we get that approval too!!!)

Happy Birthday Caroline!

This week we celebrate our daughter we have never met but who has already changed our lives for the better.  God chose her just for us and us for her... a literal match made in heaven :)

The kids only know one way to celebrate a birthday and so we had a little party for Caroline's 4th birthday.   Overflowing with pink cupcakes :)

I can't wait to see what she wants for her 5th birthday and for her chance to blow out the candles. After watching siblings and cousins have birthday parties she will be ready for her turn I'm sure.  And we will have a party as big as is fitting for her personality with either pink, purple, or red cupcakes to celebrate.  Savannah thinks red will be her favorite color since it's popular in China.  I think purple will be her favorite just like her big sisters ;)  or she might pick a color all her own.  I can't wait!


Winter came and is disappearing

It was cold.  But the Carhartt jackets came to the rescue! 

 Then I found these two cuddled up for a good read.
It snowed a little but they made the best of it...snowmen were made and colored.

One of my little guys is growing up!

 He hasn't jumped out yet so the crib stays...
We passed the cold days playing charades.  They did better than I thought!

And finally warmer weather!!!  They LOVED washing the car!  Although I think they got wetter than the car :)


I could not be more excited to let everyone who has prayed for her know that we know who she is now!!!  Over the last few days we have been reviewing one particular file all to fall completely in love with a little girl living in an orphanage an ocean away from us.

She has a smile that will light up a room and just make you want to squeeze her tight.  That day can't come soon enough!

We have submitted our EA (Electronic Application to Adopt her) to China.  In three weeks or so we should get a PA (pre-Approval) (apparently they dropped that part in January and you have to wait in silence until your RA (Referral Acceptance) comes in which should happen in 2-4 months.  Our dossier has to be translated and reviewed and all documents approved.  Once we get our RA we will have permission to share more about her online and her pictures.  At that point we will also be able to send her a care package and they will let her know a family is coming for her.

Please pray with us that all of these steps go super fast.  She has spent enough of her life in an orphanage!  I think I can say she isn't a baby in fact she fits in perfectly age wise between Jack and Luke :) and the descriptions say she is spunky so I think she will fit right in :)

The Good News:  Grant and I can share with you in person her pictures and more information about our girlie so PLEASE ask us!!!  I will probably always have them with me :)  I think I now know how a Grandma feels when showing off pictures of their new grandchild.  They don't have the baby so they have to show the pictures!  I feel exactly like that.   I don't have her but please ask me to see her pictures so I can brag about how wonderful she is :)


There is a song on the radio right now that is called HE KNOWS MY NAME that I just love.  First, I've always been curious about what God has chosen as "my true name" and I guess I'll have to wait to find that out.  But for now this song by Francesca Battistelli is just a great empowering reminder to be who God created us to be.

Click HERE to listen

Some of my favorite lines:

At the very beginning before you even settle into the song is this line "Less than perfect I wouldn't chose me first" and "He makes something out of nothing"  because for sure there are days when I just don't think I have much to offer.   And why and how on earth did God choose me to be the Mom to all these little kids.  And then realize I'm capable of LOVE and if that is all I do today that's enough.

"He calls Me Chosen, Wanted" This just reminds me of Caroline and the reminder that we are all wanted...  Every. Day. one of us will say a little something about wishing she was here with us.  Not knowing where she is and what is happening to her is HARD.  If I was pregnant I would be 6 months along and caressing a big belly knowing she was safe.  Not so this time...  But, I admit I prayed for my 3 but nothing like I've prayed for my fourth. Trusting the Lord to protect her because I can't.

A friend of mine placed a special order yesterday for 9 of these "He Knows My Name" charm necklaces.  If you want to order one I made an extra one and have it listed in the shop HERE.  If it sells out I can make more.

 I wonder what in this song speaks to her?  And to you?

Adoption Update :)

This weekend has been monumental to me but in reality not much has changed.  This weekend a Fedex plane took off from the United States and landed in Beijing China carrying our dossier (adoption paperwork).
  In a few weeks we should get an email saying that China has given us a Logged In Date (LID) which are the magic initials that allow us to start receiving referrals.  Sadly, it won't happen overnight.  We have been told that it could take up to 6 months to find our match.  But out of the blue our cell phones will ring and it will be our family coordinator calling with a referral that she thinks we might be interested in reviewing.  China releases a list every 3 to 4 weeks (so I've heard) with all the new children up for adoption from the special needs list.  The night the list comes out all the adoption agencies around the world scramble to scan the lists trying to match children with their list of parents with LIDs.   We have asked for a girl age 1-4.  This is a fairly common request so this is why our wait may take some time.  

In the meantime I'm just praying that Caroline is being taken care of and loved on.  Someone in China who works in the orphanage where she is has the job of filling out all the paperwork required for Caroline to be adopted.  To that person it is just a job.  But I'm praying that they have a little ambition to get it all done quickly so that God can play matchmaker.  

In the meantime I'm secretly glowing inside knowing that at least something (my signatures) are now in China.  But I also know that this is the beginning of what people in the adoption world call "The Waiting Period".  

The last of what I can we just wait.