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A Commercial for your Thoughts

Last week at church our pastor used Super Bowl commercials to bring several Biblical messages. The series is called 30 second theology.   One of my favorites was actually from Google - Loretta "how to not forget". And man did it bring the tears running down my cheeks. It was all about seeing life through the moments.  Because moments really do make up a life.  And the reason God continually set aside moments as a permanent reminder of how He brings us through when times are difficult and how we are to remember our blessings are also from Him. I can’t speak for anyone else but it’s so easy to get caught up in the to do list or the distractions of our culture not to mention the device we carry.  And as sad as it is I just don't have the best memory for those things I want to remember.  If I didn't have pictures or videos I would have already forgotten so many things from when the kids were little.   Even the fact that I've

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